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Pedo Sex



Related article: Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 November 02. 46 EST From: Kevinmjo aol. com Subject: When Frank with Frank About Sex All rights reserved by the author. Do not post on another website without permission. sell or sell copies. You must be of legal age to read. M in M contains unprotected sex, if that should offend anyone then. cast of characters Mike Wilson 30. The black hair 6 feet 185 pounds in a V. 8 semi -section Ted Hughes, 19. 6 ft 175 lbs Blonde Ptsc Bbs Links built. 7 1/2 Cut Kevin 30. 6 ft 190 lbs Blonde 7 1/2 medium cut The rain ran so hard it difficult to get the car to drive as I was the police patrol car slowed to a crawl of just 5 miles to hours. My partner, Mike Wilson was that fateful night. Mike was one of the the guys who are always in search of their uniform in good condition at all times, always wise. N With his good looks and a perfect form of V made ​​sure his character as a good cop. I trusted him 100%, as my back up. It was hard, rough and ready24/7. That night I just did a time on Atlantic Avenue, when Mike called me to stop, he had seen something. Mike actually looked where he looked up and saw a figure rest in one of the closed areas. from the book Ptsc Bbs Links by Mike was out of the car on the passenger side. I used the radio patrol car inform the operator and Mike went out to go and secure. The two had our weapons in hand, then turned the character, I heard Mike called "Police, drop the gun " I saw the gun in his hand, then an explosion of character numbers gun in the humid night. a stabbing pain in his left arm sent spiders and I fall down. When I leave my own gun pointed o in the figure I saw a different noise of the figure, the gun and I characters in the direction of pull. Figure I heard the cry of "Oh shit " was a male voice. Slowly getting up, saw the figure as it puts in the wet asphalt. Mike went to the figure fell and knelt over him. I Mike came and turned to me: "KevinHe is a dead man who killed him. good friend good job of work. " run I felt a kind of natural high as I could was to kill a deer. Do not think at all that this was a man but a bad figure to my partner and I n to kill himself. microphone then saw that I was beaten, and put a cloth arm around my bleeding stop n. paramedics were there and Mike was with me in the ambulance the hospital. the ball was removed ( the test) and I it felt good to kind of patch myself. here comes the police chief and no other then the mayor of our city. I said it was the for those suspected of multiple rapes and robberies wanted. had a registration, provided that the arm and the mayor, who was glad that I was a good shot n and save the government the cost of a long way expensive? the head of the said of course, there would still be an investigation and Mike and I would be assigned to office work until it was over. I could not see the mayorthought and, indeed, he said, "Look, I head two officers who are assigned to protect my home on the lake, I Never use this time of year. I forgive these guys requirement s for the coming weeks. can relax and enjoy the race of the eat and drink and do all my food and alcohol, with my blessing, " the head was then thought a smile appeared on his face and said. "Now Lord Mayor, who can only get to have my voice. You are assigned a the garden house mayor for two weeks. Researchers can contact you both there when they need an explanation of the case is kind of cut and dry. now get lucky son of a bitch, you like your kind of assistant to go Camp ' n I looked up and Mike said, "Well, why you do not associate, already ? get Do you want to go with us Mike smiled and said, " well-being as this person is of our species to be helpers and all that I think I should get Ted Hughes n Set n ? in the hospital bed, I said Ptsc Bbs Links look at Mike, "Ted Hughes? Mike gave me awhich states that the police notify partners when my n to say, " I'll explain later, just go with me," nodded the Chief Mike. The Chief smiled and said. Well, if he agrees to have is Ted Hughes there with you, "he went on to explain that Ted was in police work dispatchers office and was the only service where all went down. that Ted was an employee of 19 years old, who is waiting until he was old is enough to join the force. Soon the three of us were n in the way to the cabin on Lake mayor at all then the police car with a police driver. We is stopped by the apartment of a couple of things. Ted was in the -back seat to talk to me, and a mile a minute about how he was so thankful that we had picked him up and always being in force, and as now that the chief knew him, and he knew the mayor was sure to do so. Ted, I'm a good person was enough to pretty young blond, with hair and remains in perfect condition, but the word ringand the force was that Ted was gay ? This was Mike 's pick up the more strange me? then again on the radio always Ted back to the great and all I guess it was the best option after all? I looked forward to the two weeks at the lake with my best friend and partner Mike and get pays for everything. Ted said, according to police, our driver gave us three alone in the cockpit of "Look guys I know I'm here waiting for you two and all the kitchen and so lean me boys " Mike put his arm around the blonde beauty and said, " first in the first place my husband, the mayor says that keeps the place, so finding the range beer n and take three of us and we just know we will rest at night and perhaps join a load of crap we deserve, " was now sitting on the couch and I do at home in the plush Lake the car, like at my boots, I went out and took my uniform shirt. Mike sat down beside me, smiled and did the same. came to Ted with the beers. He sat in a chairwho came before us and his shirt n and even his boots with a smile, said : "I am one of those guys now," I cleared my throat and said, "Oh, boys , do a little problem I think that ? Mike looked at me with astonishment in her beautiful face to Ptsc Bbs Links say "problem kev. " What is n for a problem of friends I smiled and nodded to Ted across the street from us and said," Here we have two police officers are at home mayor's summer in the lake and served beer to a minor " Mike laughed and ran a hand through his hair shows thick black some armpits when he saw me, said : " Well, if not the promise Kevin n arrest me I can not promise you arrested," Mike laughed and said, "I am one of those men, who he believes is the AA man is old enough to die This America, then it must be old enough to in a controlled situation, have a few beers ? n I said, " right partner " Ted raised his beer in a toast to us and said, " I love you, and is not something I would not do for you, two, even nothing, " joke is going to do with each other that childrenMike He kept his hand on his crotch smiled and told Ted, " MM anything that sounds hot," I was looking to Ted and to my surprise that I was actually looking for Mike \\ \\ n step and then he looked at us both and said. " I mean Ptsc Bbs Links what I the guys said there is nothing I would do anything for nothing that both " Mike looked at me and said : "Kevin mm that could be in a ? very interesting few weeks here and now, there is something illegal I laughed at my finished beer can to keep Ted Ptsc Bbs Links and said " not perfect the law in this state. Ted is here, and when you are 18 years then Ptsc Bbs Links pocket is legal as hell " Let me say here that during this time I do not see myself as the men gay, I had sex with men over recent years and who knew and loved the male body. My choices in life had been, to put these feelings background. I would say even in secret time, and having an affair with another man and then always feel so guilty about it and break it out. I I knew I had those feelings for my PARTNEMike from the first day, r meet, but Mike was every man, male, man. Now, with this situation , although Ted between us was the thought to get to see Mike the work with another man made ​​me so hard. I knew I had to act right I remember the picture I Ptsc Bbs Links present here. While Ted was in the kitchen always have a few beers, Mike put is at my feet to my attention that he sure as hell did, along with the skin of hen n all, said, Ptsc Bbs Links " Just follow my lead partner here, and if that play our cards right we can get blowjobs for two weeks ? in partner countries ? in the foot up to Mike and now placed on top of her and is a pretty face said, "Fuck yeah, why not count me in. But must want to do things right ? Mike laughed and pressed his foot on my words, " Dude, man Gay and spent two weeks with two screws as you and I hope that in ? Also were able to stop fuck him? beers for the next two hours, is woundI was very d of stupidity, like Mike and Ted was. Ted had some light snacks and solutions then we sat down and then said Mike. "You know, guys, we're always together, so that very well here, I feel like they are the beginning of a friendship by are among the three of us? We came


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